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Musical Theatre Party

Be the STAR of your own show...

You provide the venue...

We provide the all singing and all dancing entertainment!

How it works... 

Choose a Musical Theatre SHOW STOPPER and we choreograph your Show Routine for you to perform, with your guests, to your invited audience!

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Party Schedule 

One Hour Rehearsal

Learn your AMAZING Birthday Musical Theatre Routine!

30 Minutes Refreshments

Time to sing Happy Birthday!

15 Minutes Dress Rehearsal 

Add in showbiz props & final rehearsal!


Perform with your guests to your invited audience!

"Emily. Thank you SO much. Today was fantastic. You did such a great job. The choreography was perfect. Everyone LOVED it! Thank you. We will be back for High School Musical next year!"

Book a 'Musical Theatre Party'

Musical Theatre Parties in the West Midlands. Parties accepted outside The Midlands, with additional travel costs added to your quote. 

To request a Musical Theatre Party...

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